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GWL/Modular variations

The photos show the variations of thesetup.

The Flexi pack serves as the protective case for the LFP cells. It holds the cells together in the proper tight way.

The top of the Flexi pack, serves as a holder forthe installation of the BMS (here CPM1) and the protective circuits. This way the complete pack is created with all harness and wiress i

16.Feb 2021
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GWL/Modular - BMS Simple

The photo shows the identification of individual components ofGWL/Modular BMS Simple setup.

The main components are: the CPM1 in the holder, three auxiliary relays, the main DC circuit breaker 125Amp with a trigger release, and the auxiliary circuit breaker.

Are you ready to go with GWL/Modular?

01.Feb 2021
| Blog - Elerix

GWL/Modular - BMS Basic

The primary setup of the GWL/Modular components as BMS-Basic.

The BMS Basic provides the “basic” or primary protection of the battery pack up to 16 cells. The management of the battery pack is handle by the CPM1 board.

01.Feb 2021
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A new baby is being born

Elerix -You Power The Life!

01.Feb 2021
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The Elerix Shingled Solar Panels 135Wp

You can see the difference - a regular solar panelwith 36 solar cells(on the right) provides around 105Wp. The Elerix shingled solar panel of the same size provides 135Wp - it has 4x 32 = 128 cells.

The Elerix shingled solar panel is fully black with a black frame an the fully black solar c

01.Feb 2021
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The ELERIX Shingled Solar Panels - The Technology Design

In previous postings, GWL/Team has provided basic details about theELERIX Shingled panels technology

There are additional key benefits of the Shingled panel technology.

Parallel flow of the electric ener

01.Feb 2021
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GWL/Modular - solar installation reference

This is one of the references for the installation using the GWL/Modular components. The advantage of the GWL/Modular solution is that it makes the life of the installer easier and the installation is more reliable.

Some details of this installation:

  • is used to conne
20.Jan 2021
| Blog - Elerix
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