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GWL Team at Intersolar 2022 - GWL Stand Build-Up

Even though Intersolar 2022 is already gone, are you wondering how the construction of our stand went?

It wasn’t exactly easy maneuvering with the container energy storage, but everything worked out well in the end.

Check the product solutions for large modular energy storage from

20.Jun 2022
| Blog - Elerix

GWL/Modular BMS Basic in Action! 

Check this Youtube video to see how to install theGWL/Modular BMS Basic into a 24V battery pack.

Check these main components used in the set-up:


ELERIX battery holder

GWL/Modular BMS Basic

20.Jun 2022
| Blog - Elerix

How to read the data from CPM?

Question: I have the CPM board and I wish to read the data from the board to make the analysis of the battery pack. How to do it?

If you havethe CPM v 1.8(sold for the last 1 year and more), you can connect the BCC board to the CPM to read the data and to transfer them via the computer

06.Jun 2022
| Blog - Elerix

We Love the ELERIX Family

Can you recognize the most prominent members ofthe ELERIX LiFePO4 or LTO cells?

See the picture and check for yourself, who is who:

  • EX-T30K
  • EX-L50D
  • EX-L50K
  • EX-L100K
  • EX-L135D

Do you know? Check the.

25.Apr 2022
| Blog - Elerix

ELERIX Designs of Cells Packs 4S to 16S

Check the samples of the cell pack designs using.

Download the 3D PDF Files from ELERIX GitHub Repository

11.Apr 2022
| Blog - Elerix

ELERIX STL 3D Models Drawing

The 3D Model renderings in the STL formatof the ELERIX cells are now available at the ELERIX GitHub Repository.

Again: take the advantage of the ELERIX Brand products that come witha full set of technical support filesfor your design and construction

11.Apr 2022
| Blog - Elerix

ELERIX 3D Drawings

The PDF files withthe 3D drawings of the ELERIX cellsare now available at the ELERIX GitHub Repository.

One of the main differences between the ELERIX Brand products and the other no-name cells is that theELERIX cells come with a full set of technic

11.Apr 2022
| Blog - Elerix

ELERIX Cells Designed by Spiders

What if the spiders were to make the battery designs? Well, here you can see how the spiders could see the lines of the 3D drawing of the ELERIX EX-L50K cell.

Here is the real.


11.Apr 2022
| Blog - Elerix

ELERIX EX-L12V100R - Service Connector Info

Check the details about the EX-LP12V100R service connector in the EX-L100R technical manual.

11.Apr 2022
| Blog - Elerix

ELERIX Terminal Connectors - New Models

New models of the ELERIX Terminal Connectors - coming to you soon.


11.Apr 2022
| Blog - Elerix
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