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GWL (as AMVOLT) at Intersolar 2022 - B2 175

GWL was present at Intersolar again - after the“pause” of 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021.

Our booth was presented under the AMVOLT brand at Smarter E Europe (Intersolar Europe, ees Europe, Power2Drive Europe and EM-Power Europe).

AMVOLT is a division of GWL a.s. and manufactures

04.Aug 2022
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Less DC-contactors - More Smart DC-devices.

As you might notice, GWL as limited. The reason is that these DC contactors may be now easily replaced by more advanced semiconductor switching devices. Additionally such products may be available for purchase on-line from various quick-buy-quick-

14.Dec 2020
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Components of the GWL/Modular pack

FAQ: Can Winston batteries work with Victron Energy inverters?

Of cause! Actually, way back in 2008, 2009 the Winston Batteries were the first and the very original LiFePO4 batteries that worked with Victron Energy products. There are customers that keep running the battery packs with Victron

21.Jul 2020
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Q&A: How to size solar inverters?

Q&A: How to calculate the capacity of an inverter for a solar system?

As for the winter months, the average accumulated production of the panels corresponds to ca. 10–15% of its summer production. However, during the bright and freezing winter days, peak output caneasily exceed 120 % of the nomina

21.Jan 2020
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A combined Energy solution - Alfons container

A combined Energy Solution - Alfons Container

GWL/Power supplied the Winston Battery cells for the integrated hybrid energy solution called“Container Alfons”. This solution integrates the energy from three sources - solar, wind and a backup diesel generator.

Be sure to contact GWL/Power for more details and for the reference

09.Feb 2018
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High Power Charger for 12V to 24V applications

High Power Charger for 12V to 24V applications

Hint: This charger can be used for charging the LTO cells for charging up to 24.5V (up to 8 cells).


  • Input voltage AC 90-265V for worldwide use in Europe, US and elsewhere
  • Programming output voltage from 11.5 to
11.Nov 2015
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For more information about Inverters DC/AC (Offgrid) please...

For more information aboutplease visit GWL Power.

11.May 2015
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FAQ: I check the specification of DC/AC inverters; I see...

FAQ: I check the specification of DC/AC inverters; I see there are 12V, 24V and 48V models. Which should I choose?

Answer:For the DC/AC inverters we suggest to stay with up to 100Amp of DC currents between the battery and the inverter. As a result, the 12V 100Amp DC will allow u

18.Jan 2015
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FAQ: What is the difference between the DC/AC inverters in...

FAQ: What is the difference between the DC/AC inverters in your offer and the products in local hobby shops?

Answer: There are many low cost DC/AC inverters available in the hobby shops or car accessories shops or on the internet. We had tested some of these products in the past. Our c

18.Jan 2015
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How do I get a 230V power from solar panels in the island...

For operation WITHOUT GRID, you need the OFF-GRID inverters.

The OFF-GRID inverters are also called the DC/AC inverters,

they convertert the energy from battery to the 230V AC power.

The off-grid inverters cannot be connected with the Grid. For the DC/AC products, please see here:

10.Jul 2014
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