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Testing and working –...

What are you doing on the first spring Saturday in 2020?

Actually, the first spring Saturday in 2020 brought in a wave of cold weather to Europe. It was snowing today even in Prague.

However, the GWL/Team memberskeep working even on weekends, analyzing ba

23.Mar 2020
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It makes the difference - TSWB...

Yes, another reference for the Thundersky Winston (TSWB) Lithium Iron Phosphate (LFP) cells. The photos show a pack made of cells from January 2010. The first generation LFP cells TS-LFP150AH with production date 20100130.

This pack is installed in an EV conversion project and has been providing the traction power for 10 years.


17.Mar 2020
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GWL for Sustainable Green...

This is another photo from the installation of the energy back-up solution. The photo shows the construction of the outside protective housing that is made of a fire-resistant plaster-board. In addition to the temperature sensors, there a smoke detector inside the housing that will provide an alarm if case of smoke.&n

02.Mar 2020
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The CPM improvements in...

We are working on improvements for the. The modifications of the firmware will allow improved settings and communication with theCell Communication Module.

We have also madethe RF (radio frequency) emissions teststo make sure the GWL Modular CPM board is withing the EMC requir

10.Dec 2019
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Winston Cells Overcharge –...

In 4/2019 we performed few destructive tests to analyze the results of the abuse of various battery models. Now finally in 12/2019, we can show you somephotos taken by the IR camera.

The photo shows that during the overcharge the temperature of the TSWB cells was only 35°C. This shows

09.Dec 2019
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VOTRONIC LCD Battery Computer

A solution from Germany to monitor the voltage, currents and state of charge of the lithium batteries in 12V and 24V installations. .

13.Nov 2019
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Which supplier will you...

The battery cell production tolerance is very important. The diagrams show the possible scenarios for different companies.

DIAGRAM 1 (top): As seen even the “A-Grade” products of some manufacturers (green-line) are below the B-Grade of the TOP manufacturers (blue-line).

DIAGRAM 2 (bellow): Because of

13.Nov 2019
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Battery Monitor Meter

Looking for ? There are many various products available on the internet web sites like Aliexpress and Ebay.

Enjoy the freedom of theShopping on-line direct! ()

06.Nov 2019
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GWL CPM vs. BMS123 – pros...

Although making „a better BMS123“ was not our intention (our CPM is simply a different product), we respond to your questions regarding a comparison between the two.

Anyway, the +/– are yet going to change as we have big development plans with our CPM! Stay tuned.

(Cell Performance Monitor)

22.Oct 2019
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Charge assembly and balance...

Quick instruction video how to install the BMS123 Smart with the LFP (LYP) cells. Learn and see for yourself - simple and quick installation in just a few steps. See how to assemble the pack from 4 cells.

About Winston cells: Large capacity LiFePO4 prismatic cells. Thundersky – Winston Batt

21.Jun 2019
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