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Four types of solar installations. Which one is the most...

Are you lost in the terminology of the solar installation types? Read our beginner's guide:

Grid-Tied Also known as “tied to grid”, or “grid-tie” system. This type of installation is aimed to make a profit by generating energy which is directly supplied to the grid. In some con

27.Feb 2020
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How to connect Solar regulator and Lithium battery,...

Complete guide how to connect your Solar panels with Lithium (Lithium Iron Phosphate, LiFePO4) batteries. We are using MPPT Regulator for maximal power drawn from the Solar panels.

You will learn how to connect the cables, how to operate with the regulator and how to connect the battery itself.


10.Jun 2019
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Micro Energy Storage Setup – 2019 update

Micro Energy Storage Setup

NOTE: this is a grid-tied system setup with an energy back up to the batteries. This system is grid-tied only. The micro-inverter works only when the grid is present. If the grid is down, the system does not work. It is NOT an off-grid system.

NOTE (2019 update): the ill

07.Mar 2019
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A combined Energy solution - Alfons container

A combined Energy Solution - Alfons Container

GWL/Power supplied the Winston Battery cells for the integrated hybrid energy solution called“Container Alfons”. This solution integrates the energy from three sources - solar, wind and a backup diesel generator.

Be sure to contact GWL/Power for more details and for the reference

09.Feb 2018
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New current measuring options for LAN Controller

New extension accessory current sensor forLAN Controller 2.0is available for your projects -. It allows to measure up to +/- 75A in circuits up to 277V AC/DC. Check our offer of. Follow the pictures for complete installation and se

19.Dec 2017
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The GridFree inverters for the energy solutions

The GridFree inverters for the energy solutions

for energy self-generation.

11.Jun 2017
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How to connect solar panels a bateries to the solar...

Please note you have to always connect the batteries first to the solar regulator then the solar panels and load.

The solar regulator should be demaged If you connect the solar panels before the bateries.

Switch off the solar panels first, Load after and the batteries as last if you need to disconne

07.Apr 2017
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A solar powered ebike - possible?

A solar powered ebike - possible?

I wish to make an ebike powered by solar panels in the wheel. What do you think about this?

It is a nice idea. We are always happy when our customers bring about some innovative ideas.

For the solar panels in the wheel (as suggested by the picture) we come to this calculation:

  • Taking
12.Jul 2016
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A simple off-grid installation (customer photo)

A simple off-grid installation (customer photo)

Making a solar installation is easy. Just 4 components needed: 1) solar panel(s), 2) the solar charge regulator, 3) the battery and the DC/AC inverter.

GWL/Power has supplied and the .

What is corre

27.Jun 2016
| Blog - Solar regulators

Tracer Remote Monitor MT-50

Tracer Remote Monitor MT-50

Check details

06.Jun 2016
| Blog - Solar regulators
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