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GWL/Modular CPM - Expand the...

Make your Lithium battery last longer, simply, with fractional costs compared to similar solutions.

is an easy-to-use and effective three-level solution for the protection of the LiFePO4 and LTO batteries from excessive discharge or overcharge. The GWL CPM module helps your applications and

05.May 2020
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GWL 40AH LTO Capacity Tests

The charge and discharge diagram for the LTO 40AH cells.

Customer requested to prove the real capacity before the shipment. We are happy to demonstrate that the cells meet the specifications as declared.

04.Feb 2020
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Li-Pol (LiPo) are widely used in nearly all cell phones and other home electronics. Yet, they are unstable and dangerous.

In our test, we compare LiPo with available LFP and LTO technologies. You may not recognize the danger sitting in your pocket, but consider the danger for projects involvin

03.Feb 2020
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The CPM improvements in...

We are working on improvements for the. The modifications of the firmware will allow improved settings and communication with theCell Communication Module.

We have also madethe RF (radio frequency) emissions teststo make sure the GWL Modular CPM board is withing the EMC requir

10.Dec 2019
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How to recycle the industrial...

The large capacity LFP cells should be recycledin the same way as all other lithium or li-ion cells.

There is no change or difference because of the size of the cells. As with any other cells, you should recycle only cells that were fully discharged and have 0V potential on the ter

30.May 2019
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The world of the LTO...

The world of the LTO technology

The 2.4V high performance cells for your packs and battery applications.

12.Sep 2017
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The LTO customized pack...

The LTO customized pack solutions - life is easy!

The innovative LTO cells allow a simple and easy assembly into the packs. As a result any company or individual with basic skills in electronics is now able to produce the battery packs with excellent performance. There is no need to use the welding machines to fix the contact terminals to the cells. &nbs

12.Sep 2017
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LTO cell test results 

LTO cell test results

The diagrams show the test results of the specifications of the LTO cells.

  • Charge and discharge characteristics at different rates
  • Discharge characteristics at different temperatures
  • Discharge characteristics measured in time scope

We will be hap

12.Sep 2017
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LTO cell specifications

LTO cell specifications

Check the basic specifications and dimensions of the LTO cells now available for your projects.

  • Very small capacities 0.1 to 1.3 Ah
  • Middle capacities 3.4 Ah to 10Ah
  • Large capacities up to 65Ah

We will be happy to supply these cells for yo

12.Sep 2017
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LTO cells for industrial packs...

LTO cells for industrial packs and solutions

GWL/Power is offering a variety of LTO technology based cells that allow to assemble the battery packs for special applications:

  • high speed charge and discharge
  • low temperature operations (up to -35°C)
  • high temperature applicat
12.Sep 2017
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