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FAQ: Winston LFP cells in a 3C-rate application

1) What is the voltage of the Winston LFP cells under the load?

The voltage of the LFP cells under load istypically above 3V.If the voltage gets under 3V the cell is nearly discharged and the remaining capacity is limited.

See additional details here:

25.Nov 2020
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The energy storage solution with the LFP400AH cells

GWL has supplied the battery cells for an energy storage project withlarge LFP cells. The 200 kWh storage is based on a battery pack of 168 pcs of 400AH cells. The installation is a rack mount system with customized BMS and complete management.

Be sure to

23.Nov 2020
| Blog - Winston

The copper terminals for 400AH, 700AH, 1000AHC cells

Check the photos and see the difference.

400AH - 5 layers with M14 screws

700AH - 6 layers with M14 screws

1000AHC - 5 layers with M12 screws

Want to buy? Here at.

18.Nov 2020
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FAQ: Liquid Electrolyte in LFP Cells?

Question: I purchased the LFP cells (Winston brand). When I move the cells here and there, I can hear there is some liquid inside these cells. Is this OK?

Answer: Yes, this is OK.When the cells the manufactured, they are filled by the electrolyte. The electrolyte is covering over the cathode and an

16.Nov 2020
| Blog - Winston

The copper terminal oxidated – Why?

Some users and customers ask, why - when receiving the new cells – do the copper terminals have signs of severe oxidation.

Copper as a metal is prone to oxidation and reaction with other materials.The oxidation of the terminal is a matter of days. Also the black rubber cover on the top of the terminals may cause addit

11.Nov 2020
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GWL/Team in action - charging and charging

For a customer project we are charging the battery packs of 400AH and 700AH cells. Each pack has 16 cells.

After making the initial charging of the cells, we also perform the final balancing of the cells to the same charge voltage, at the same temperature and at the same time. This way the customer will receive the cells rea

19.Oct 2020
| Blog - Winston

The Death of a Battery Hero

This is the memorial of the oldest battery (as of 8/2020) from the, that we were able to trace back.This battery was produced in 8/2007.

As seen from the photos, the battery served for many years (10+ years) and would keep serving even longer. However, an accident made the end of the life fo

10.Aug 2020
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GWL in Action: Making the Cities Electric Again

In 1950 the cities in the US got rid of their electric street cars systems. The photo from a tweet shows thePacific street carswaiting for the destruction in 1956. The same story was in Prague. There was a functional trolley-bus system operatingfrom 1936 till 1972. It was discarded in favor of gasoline bu

10.Aug 2020
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GWL/Modular Pack – the assembly from ready-made components

Check the main components of the.The CPMmain unit(1).The easy to goGWL/Modular Battery Link sets (2)that allow easy assembly with ready-made cables and connectors. The fully modular battery pack using large monolithic cells (3)that allow individual

21.Jul 2020
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This is the GWL’s work

Creating a solution from a single cell to a complete system that can power the whole house independently.Not only creating the solution, butimplementing the design in a way that is fully modular, and replicable in any part of the world

GWL is helping the world-wide community to read for a relia

21.Jul 2020
| Blog - Winston
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