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GWL TSWB CORSET - Design Files

The CORSET solution by GWL for large industrial cells ofthe TSWB Brand.

Check the design files at the GWL Github -

The PDF files with the designs of the universal battery holder - called “CORSET”. The designs are created to be used with large c

15.Sep 2021
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The LFP 40AH cell hammered to death

The photos are showing the read-to-go steps ofthe abuse by the axe-hammer in the hands of the fire-fighter.

The cell had to be hit several times to produce any significant effect. As seen from the reading of the IR camera, the temperature ofthe hot area has reached some 108°C.&

06.Apr 2021
| Blog - Winston

The overcharge test of the TSWB 40AH cells

The summary of the data for the overcharge test of the TSWB 40AH cells.

  • The over charge test wasperformed for 30 minutes.
  • The voltage percell increased up to 8V.
  • The temperature of the packreached up to 130°C.

There was no fire, no explosion, no strong gas leakage.

06.Apr 2021
| Blog - Winston

Can a lithium iron phosphate (LFP) battery burn?

The answer is simple: yes, but it is not easy.The LFP lithium battery is made of materials that are flammable and it will burn, if overheated.

The photos showthe process of fire on a prismatic lithium battery. The battery was fully charged and then set to fire by a flame-thrower. As you can

06.Apr 2021
| Blog - Winston

FAQ: Will my LFP batteries last really that long?

Even in 2021, there are customers who are just starting with the lithium battery technology. One of the most frequent questions is:“How long will my batteries last?”

Here, we have the answer from a real demonstration. The photo shows the test ofthe 12V battery pack by Winston Thunde

29.Mar 2021
| Blog - Winston

Thunder Sky Winston Battery Cell Torque Info

The torque force for the tightening of the cell terminal connectors for Winston Battery (TSWB) cells.


• There is no need to over-tighten the terminal connections. That is why the lower value from the suggested range is preferred. • The connection of the

15.Feb 2021
| Blog - Winston

The safe battery technology LFP - - - - only 85°C during...

The data recorded at the short circuit test show that the maximal temperature of the Lithium Iron Phosphate- TSWB 40AH - cell reached to some 85°C.

The outer temperature of the case measured by a temperature sensor was above 60°C, the more detailed measurement by the IR camera reached 8

01.Feb 2021
| Blog - Winston

New Year Eve 2021 in the Winston Factory

This is a photo of the Thunder Sky Winston Battery factory around the New Year Eve 2021.

The most successful product ofThunder Sky Winston Battery (TSWB)is the monolithic1000AHC cell. TSWB is the only producer in the world that canin huge industrial

20.Jan 2021
| Blog - Winston

GWL/Modular Flexi Pack - User Manual

Check and download. At this moment there are:

More GWL/Modular accessories to come soon!

14.Jan 2021
| Blog - Winston

The 12V sets with Winston cells and BMS123 + XLS Calculator

To start with your own battery pack, the easiest way is to use. Optionally you can buy the additional cells to extend the pack to 24V (total 8 cells) or 48V (total 16 cells).

Additionally, you can use the. It will h

14.Jan 2021
| Blog - Winston
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