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Traction batteries for...

GWL/Power supplied the traction batteries for . The large capacity Winston TSWB 400AH cells supply the traction power for the 768V DC system.

In need for a DC Power? GWL/Power team is available to help you.

15.Jun 2020
| Blog - Winston

GWL/POWER USB Flash disks

A small gift for our customers and partners. A in the design of the Winston cell with GWL/Power logo.


03.Jun 2020
| Blog - Winston

The Battery Packs with...

This photo shows the condition of the cell terminals when operated in aggressive and corrosive environments.

In this case the customer has been operating the cells for many years already. Even though there is no longer the manufacturer’s warranty for the product, the GW

14.May 2020
| Blog - Winston

GWL/Modular – A Piece of...

The English phrase generally refers to something that can be easily achieved.

With the GWL/Modular the assembly of the battery packs is a piece of case as well.The pre-assembled components allow for a quick and simple installation of the wires and th

07.May 2020
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GWL/Modular - another pack

Another project based on the GWL/Modular components. This time we are using 4x 160AH cells from Winston to make a 12V 160Ah pack.

As you can see the GWL/Team spends a lot of time on many different projects to make sure we test and solve many hardw

07.May 2020
| Blog - Winston

GWL/Modular - 3D-print...

This is one of our testing attempts. How about a battery case made from 3D printed blocks? This experimental case consists of 6 pieces of the same basic block + 2 pieces of modified blocks for the terminals.

At this moment the volume of the 3D material needed for this kind of huge printing is not suitable for mass pro

07.May 2020
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GWL/Modular – a lot of stuff...

Can you name off of the items on photo? Let’s see

  • 16x LYP40AH cells from Winston
  • 3x cabling – the GWL/ Modular battery link
  • the main DC wiring connection with a box for fuse
  • CPM1 module
  • two latching relays
  • cell bus terminals
  • plastic covers for the battery terminals
  • strapping plastic belts
  • mo
07.May 2020
| Blog - Winston

GWL/Modular - technical...

This is the very first battery pack solution created using the GWL/Modular technology (in 9/2018).

Now after 18 months, theare getting to be aviable at the GWL.EU web and eshop.

05.May 2020
| Blog - Winston

Prismatic LFP cells –...

The demonstration of the excellent thermal performance of the prismatic LFP cells. The IR photo shows the real example and the calculated simulation of the high current discharge of the prismatic LFP cell.

The advantage of the prismatic LFP is that these cells have a massive block vol

14.Apr 2020
| Blog - Winston

Thermal imbalancing of the LFP...

The example of a technical solution that shows an improper handling of the LFP cells in the battery pack. The issue here is not the performance of the cells (which themselves are excellent), but the deficient thermal handling of the whole solution.

1) The first photo shows the design of a batter

14.Apr 2020
| Blog - Winston
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