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The Real Electric Bus Crash Test – the Bus Hit by a Train

GWL’s customer operating the electric bus with a LFP battery pack has involuntary performed areal EV Bus crash test. The bus driver in Northern Bohemia was passing the railway, while the local train was approaching. Unfortunately, the bus driver did not let the train pass first andthe

02.Jan 2023
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The storage is easy! Just 64 cells to make a 205 kWh 

A massive energy storage solution using the. Four times 16 cells make the total of 64 cells with 3.2V and 1000AH.It is altogether 205 kWh of energy storage.

This solution was assembled as a part ofthe AMVOLT projectthat is fully scalable and serviceab

26.Sep 2022
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FAQ: The performance of the lead-acid cells in cold and...

The winter of 2022-2023 is coming in just a few months and many customers wonder aboutthe performance of their battery packs. Especially those who have been using the lead-acid batteries.

The performance of the lead-acid batteries drops significantly in sub-zero temperatures.The above diagr

23.Aug 2022
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GWL (as AMVOLT) at Intersolar 2022 - B2 175

GWL was present at Intersolar again - after the“pause” of 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021.

Our booth was presented under the AMVOLT brand at Smarter E Europe (Intersolar Europe, ees Europe, Power2Drive Europe and EM-Power Europe).

AMVOLT is a division of GWL a.s. and manufactures

04.Aug 2022
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The Communication for BC-16 Battery Meter

comes with the TTL communication port that allows reading the data of the BC in a digital way.

Please see the photos of the connection of the communication cable. Check more at ELERIX GitHub –

The TTL-232 to USB converterthat has been tested by GWL –

04.Aug 2022
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GWL Team at Intersolar 2022 - GWL Stand Build-Up

Even though Intersolar 2022 is already gone, are you wondering how the construction of our stand went?

It wasn’t exactly easy maneuvering with the container energy storage, but everything worked out well in the end.

Check the product solutions for large modular energy storage from

20.Jun 2022
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One Megawatt of DC Power at Your Hands

This photo shows a preparation for an installation that will consistof 288 pieces of.

Each 16 cells will be inone block of 48V/1000AH with useful energy of 51 kWh. Each set is connected to a 20 kVA bidirectional DC/AC inverter. Each block can provide 20kVA for

25.Apr 2022
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A minor update of the terminal design for the TSWB cells

During 2021, there was a minor upgrade for the design of the terminal connectors for the TSWB cells:

There isvisual change of the shapeof the terminals. Theterminals are now fully circularand do have the size of a hexagonal nut.

The main difference is the former red plastic circle a

29.Mar 2022
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TSWB - the technological upgrade to the cell terminals

Since the 2021 there is an minor technological change of the design of the terminals of the STWB cells. The terminals are 1.8 mm smaller and there are new rubber sleeves around these terminals.

Check the details about the.

21.Mar 2022
| Blog - Winston


The computer tomography images for the TSWB LYP100AH.

Check more details at ELERIX GITHUB

Check more about

31.Jan 2022
| Blog - Winston
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