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… but were afraid to ask. How to operate a LFP battery in 7 steps.

Download the guidebook to help you understand the bets practice for using the LFP cells, batteries and packs.

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03.Jan 2022
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The new ELERIX Cells LTO 30Ah // LFP 50AH

The preview photos of the new ELERIX cells.

EX-T30K - Extreme power LTO cell with 173 mm VDA format

EX-L50K - High power LFP cell with 173 mm VDA format

25.May 2021
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The GWL/Modular Smart Pack Guard

Working and testing. Designing and trying. April 2021 is coming.

More to come.

31.Mar 2021
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The Safety of Your Solution is the Primary Concern

What happens if a LFP cells is severely mechanically damaged? Will it burn? Will it overheat? In case a LFP cells is crushed or pierced, what chemical reals will happen. When the cell is smoking, because of a damage, what are the gasses? Are they critically dangerous? Or just ordinary toxic

14.Jan 2021
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The GWL VZV Project – Extreme LFP Forklift Battery

The initial charge of56 pcs of the LFP 110AH cells. These cells are first charged to full, then balanced together and assembled in blocks.

The diagram shows the connection of the7P8S configurationmaking the total of24V 770AH 18.5 kWh of usable energy.

Stay in touch for more n

01.Dec 2020
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FAQ: Winston LFP cells in a 3C-rate application

1) What is the voltage of the Winston LFP cells under the load?

The voltage of the LFP cells under load istypically above 3V.If the voltage gets under 3V the cell is nearly discharged and the remaining capacity is limited.

See additional details here:

25.Nov 2020
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The energy storage solution with the LFP400AH cells

GWL has supplied the battery cells for an energy storage project withlarge LFP cells. The 200 kWh storage is based on a battery pack of 168 pcs of 400AH cells. The installation is a rack mount system with customized BMS and complete management.

Be sure to

23.Nov 2020
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Charging voltage levels for LiFepo4 cells.

Some time ago, GWL/Team has published. It seems that this recommendation has been working excellently for all of our customers. Here is the summary of the information:

If possible, usethe setting for the LiFePO4 cells if supported by

19.Nov 2020
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FAQ: Liquid Electrolyte in LFP Cells?

Question: I purchased the LFP cells (Winston brand). When I move the cells here and there, I can hear there is some liquid inside these cells. Is this OK?

Answer: Yes, this is OK.When the cells the manufactured, they are filled by the electrolyte. The electrolyte is covering over the cathode and an

16.Nov 2020
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STORY n.2 about Solar energy storage 48V 5,4 kW

In July 2019, we received a request to the installation of Solar energy storage 48V 5.4kWh.

It was a complete solution of a photovoltaic power plant for the customer, which was implemented by the assembly company SW-power. After consultation with the company's executive Mr. Coufal, we came up with a

06.Aug 2020
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