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The CSoD project – 100% Success in Winter 2021

The CSoD project – 100% Success in Winter 2021

02.Jun 2021
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The photo of the winter day in January 2021. The sun is shining at the lowest sky position and it is quite cold outside even during the daytime. Yet, even in the deepest winter, the Czech Sustainable House project (CSoD) is full of energy and fully habitable.

Some of the doubters of the project were mocking: What will happen to your project in winter? Ha ha ha, see the blackout to come to you in winter! You will have to start the petrol generator and you we become the laughing-stock of the false sustainability.

The answer is clear: The winter 2020/2021 was really cold. There was a lot of snow and also many days without sunshine. But there was no black out nor any shortage of power in winter for the CSoD project. ????????????

GWL team is happy there is the 100% success of the project.

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