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3.2V LFP cell initial charging

16.Feb 2018
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Question: How should new cells 3.2V  40AH, 60AH, 90AH, 100 AH, etc. be formed before first usage?

Answer: The new 3.2V LFP cells delivered from the warehouse are partially charged. However before the first use, it is essential to charge each cell to full capacity. The initial charging should be done with the charging current set to less than 1C (typically 0.5C), till the voltage level of 3.65 V is reached.

There is no other need for LFP 3.2V cells to be formatted or otherwise specially prepared for the use. After the first charge to full, the cell is ready to be used for use.

The above charging rule is also applied to the initial charge after the cell has been unused or stored for a long time. If not used more than 1 month, it is recommended to make again an initial charge to full.

Important: if you plan not to use the cells for a long time, before storing you must charge cells to full. In the case of storage longer than 1 year, it is required to recharge each cell after 12 months to full.

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