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GWL in Action: Making the Cities Electric Again

GWL in Action: Making the Cities Electric Again

10.Aug 2020
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In 1950 the cities in the US got rid of their electric street cars systems. The photo from a tweet shows the Pacific street cars waiting for the destruction in 1956. The same story was in Prague. There was a functional trolley-bus system operating from 1936 till 1972. It was discarded in favor of gasoline bus transportation.

In 2016 the City of Prague started testing the electric trolley-bus operation again. This time the vehicle is an electric bus that is charged from a part of traction wires. The GWL/Power supports this project by supplying the cells for the traction the pack with 180 pcs of TSWB 300AH cells.

GWL/Power has already supplied the battery packs for more than 100 electric buses made in the Czech Republic.

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