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Flexible panels on the roof - Byron Bay Solar Train

Flexible panels on the roof - Byron Bay Solar Train

15.Sep 2021
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The Byron Bay Solar Train - A world’s unique installation of solar panels to power a solar hybrid train that is able to operate from both from the grid and also form the solar power yielded from the solar panels.

The Byron Bay Solar Train has a solar installation of 6.4 kWh. In this case, 128 pcs of 50Wp panels were used in 2017.  

With the progress of the solar technology, in 2021, this corresponds to the installation of 64 pcs of 100 Wp solar panels.

Get in touch with GWL if you have any projects to use flexible solar panels. 

GWL is capable to deliver the flexible solar panels to European customers within 3 days and we also support international customers in any place of the world.  

More energy, more power, more sustainability, more independence. The DC power solutions by GWL.

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