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The Solar Power System for Your Home – Guide / eBook

The Solar Power System for Your Home – Guide / eBook

21.Jul 2023
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What you should know before you order a solar power system for your family home or office.  The fourteen questions, answers and a step-by-step guide using a sample installation.

Increase your knowledge by reading the Guide book to understand more about the solar installation step by step.

The topics discussed in the Guide book

  • How much electricity will my solar cells produce?
  • Production equals savings?
  • The efficiency of the solar modules – is it important?
  • Does the country-of-origin matter?
  • Are Chinese modules and solar tiles of a poor quality?
  • What does “SHINGLED, PERC or HALF-CUT” mean?
  • How about monocrystalline or polycrystalline?
  • What is the key when selecting a solar module then?
  • How to install modules and solar tiles on a roof?
  • Why is it not possible to connect electrical appliances directly into a solar module?
  • The batteries and how to store electrical energy from the solar modules?
  • What size of a battery to choose?
  • Other ways of storing electricity
  • How to keep the electrical energy in balance?
  • Calculating ROI in the sample installation
  • Conclusion and Summary

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