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Playing Baseball at Night?

Playing Baseball at Night?

20.Jun 2022
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The days in summer are long here in Czech, however the days are getting shorter quickly in Autumn. To allow a longer playing activity and to extend the use of the playfield in autumn or in early spring, the Baseball Team PRAOTCI ROUDNICE has decided to install a night lighting for the field area.

GWL Team has helped with the technical design and the installation of the off-grid solution. The energy is collected by the solar panels and stored in a 24V battery. 

The configuration consists of 4 x solar panel, 1 x DC/AC inverter Axpert 2000VA / 24V, 8 x Winston LFP 90Ah cells, 5 x LED reflector 200W, CPM, BCC.

The fully charged battery (24V/90Ah) has about 2kWh of energy which will provide for 2 hours of lighting time. Four solar panels supply enough energy to charge the battery even in cloudy weather days.

The energy from the sun is used to bring the light in the darkness and make the baseball more attractive to play even when the days are short.  

Interested in more details?  Get in touch with GWL for more technical information.


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