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The factory manufactured packs – Say No! to the battery black-boxes

The factory manufactured packs – Say No! to the battery black-boxes

05.Oct 2020
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GWL/Modular solution is based on individual single cells that are assembled by the customers and users at the place of installation. This allows for a real versatility with a fully modular and long-term functional solution.

This is also very favorite for the life-span of the cells, with the possibility to re-use the cells in the second life operation

YES!  The GWL/Modular packs can be disassembled again, refurbished and re-sued in the same or other configurations. ????????????

The factory manufactured battery packs are in effect vendor lock-up black-boxes. ⛔ They do not allow any service, replacements, upgrades or second-life reuse. When these packs are made of cells that are glued together with laser welding terminals, there is no way to disassemble such packs.

The vendor lock-up means that there is no easy way to service these packs by the user.   ⛔  In case one of the cells in the pack has a malfunction or deviation of performance, there is no user way to disassemble the pack and replace the individual cell.  

The factory manufactured battery packs are ecology and economy disasters.????????????

When the pack is no longer used, there is no way to dismount the cells, and make another pack with a different configuration. The hard-wired packs cannot be reused and refurbished.  The result is that such packs create a lot of waste – both the waste of natural resources ???? ???? ???? and the waste of money ???????????? invested in these packs.

Additionally, for real industrial solutions using large packs, there is no way to rely on such pre-manufactured packs. For large packs, there is a need to have individual cells that are easy accessible, serviceable and allow replacement.

Say NO! to black-boxed pre-assembled packs. Make your decision for the GWL/Modular solution.

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