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What is the “CORSET”?

What is the “CORSET”?

15.Sep 2021
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The corset is originally a support garment commonly worn to hold the torso (the main body) into a desired shape. For women, it makes the body looking better and more appealing. -

The CORSET by GWL is a metal holder for lithium cells to keep them tight together in a desired shape or configuration. The CORSET is used to support a group of the cells and make them into a firm pack.  Unlike a customized battery holder, the corset is made of simple, industrially available components and allows to be disassemble and reused.

The CORSET mounts the cells together, holds them tightly and also protects the cells against bulging or swelling. Additionally, the CORSET protects the cells against a mechanical damage. 

The CORSET is also the part of the GWL/Modular solution.

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