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Where is my shipment?  Somewhere!

Where is my shipment? Somewhere!

15.Sep 2021
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The outbreak of the Covid-19 has caused massive changes to the world-wide business. The Chinese government took a risky strategy – save one butterfly and cut down 10000 trees – by closing the whole sea ports because of one or few cases of the C-19 detected among the personal.  

This has caused massive issues with the whole logistic chain. These issues keep lasting since 2020 till 2021 and will continue for many more months.

In such situation, there is no way to make any guarantee of a timely delivery.  Also, GWL has been influenced by these developments. Many shipments have been delayed.  The customers may wonder: “Where is my shipment?” Well, the answer is not easy: “It is somewhere.”

As you can see from the photo, the shipment may be delayed for days just in the kilometer’s long queues that build-up in the vicinity of the sea ports.

GWL Team will keep up with the latest development to ensure that we keep the goods on stock in the GWL warehouse for a quick delivery.

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