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The Cycle life of Winston Battery cells - versus lead acid

The Cycle life of Winston Battery cells - versus lead acid

12.Mar 2016
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The Cycle life of Winston Batttery cells - versus lead acid

The diagram shows the life cycle estimation based on the Depth of Discharge. When making the 80% DOD cycles, the life span of the LYP cell is 2000 cycles and more (here conservatively estimated at 2200 cycles.) 

One of the key benefits of LYP battery is the longer life when compared to the current deep cycle lead acid batteries. The Battery “Cycle” is a complete discharge and charge cycle. Cycle is usually considered as discharging of the battery from 100% state of charge (SOC) to 20% depth of discharge (DOD). Battery life is directly related to how deep the battery is cycled each time. The lower the discharge rate, the longer the battery life. In most applications battery
storage is designed for 80% depth of discharge to reduce battery weight and acquisition costs.

In LYP battery have over 4 times longer life than deep cycle lead
acid batteries
in deep discharge applications (some 500 cycles versus 2200 cycles). The life advantage grows to 10 times when compared to AGM Batteries (some 250 cycles versus 2200 cycles)  most commonly used in stationary, backup storage applications and in material handling industry.

Lithium Iron Phosphate, is used as cathode material for lithium-ion batteries, with chemicals such as iron and phosphate abundantly available on Earth. In transportation applications weight of the batteries plays a significant role in determining vehicle range. 

Lithium-ion batteries have more than three times the energy density than comparable lead acid batteries. In addition deep discharge capability of lithium-ion batteries provides 20% additional capacity than lead acid batteries

The energy density advantage combined with ability to discharge batteries to 100% of its capacity makes LYP batteries ideal for use in automotive applications.

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