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Reference using of...

A lot of our customers want to reduce the energy consumption of their house with an installed heat pump system by producing their own energy from the sun. It is possible to do it without making an expensive commercial installation, by using the energy only for self-consumption but still with co

04.Nov 2019
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Making small off grid power...

How to build a small off-grid system and select the right components? This is a very common question we get from our customers. Do you havea small cottage or weekend caravan? Are you somewhere without a connection to the grid? To have electricity nowadays is an indispensable need – a smal

01.Oct 2019
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A combined Energy solution -...

A combined Energy Solution - Alfons Container

GWL/Power supplied the Winston Battery cells for the integrated hybrid energy solution called“Container Alfons”. This solution integrates the energy from three sources - solar, wind and a backup diesel generator.

Be sure to contact GWL/Power for more details and for the reference

09.Feb 2018
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The GridFree inverters for the...

The GridFree inverters for the energy solutions

for energy self-generation.

11.Jun 2017
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Multiple solar panels - use...

Multiple solar panels - use whatever you have

It is ever more easy to get a second hand (or refurbished) solar panels. It is simple to use these for your energy solutions. Its is possible to combine various panels for one installation.

For grid-tied installations, we suggest to use the

13.Feb 2017
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The Connection of Solar Panels

The Connection of Solar Panels

When you connect the , you connect the MC4 connector of one panel to the other. The voltage of the panels will increase. The current will be the same.

13.Oct 2016
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A solar powered ebike -...

A solar powered ebike - possible?

I wish to make an ebike powered by solar panels in the wheel. What do you think about this?

It is a nice idea. We are always happy when our customers bring about some innovative ideas.

For the solar panels in the wheel (as suggested by the picture) we come to this calculation:

  • Taking
12.Jul 2016
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A simple off-grid installation...

A simple off-grid installation (customer photo)

Making a solar installation is easy. Just 4 components needed: 1) solar panel(s), 2) the solar charge regulator, 3) the battery and the DC/AC inverter.

GWL/Power has supplied and the .

What is corre

27.Jun 2016
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Get inspired – simple...

Some more inspiration for simple GridFree installations

In fact, it is so easy to make aGridFree installation so you can install it at many placesaround your house: including the balcony of the housing complex.

Get inspired for your own GridFree (self-consumption)solarinstal

18.May 2016
| Blog - Solar panels
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