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Micro Inverter installation...

Micro Inverter installation diagram - single phase (using YC500)

A suggestion of the installation diagram for the micro-inverter installation.

Note: for small site installations the power rating in Europe is limited to 16Amp (some 3500 Watts) - this corresponds to 7 microinverters per one

10.Mar 2016
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YC-500 MicroInverter Status...

YC-500 MicroInverter Status LED function

The table gives details about the possible Error Status reported by the microinverter.

Note: since microinverter issues are often“site-specific” (the problem cannot be simulated easily at a different location or installation)

10.Mar 2016
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A nice photo from a GridFree...

A nice photo from a GridFree installation —- BUT WITH A PROBLEM!

A customer sent a photo from his first solar GridFree installation. This idea is easy: simply putting the solar panels on the flat roof of the house.

However looking at details of this installation, the installation will not work effectively. See the explanation:

  • The s
13.Dec 2015
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FAQ: Monitoring the solar...

FAQ: Monitoring the solar panels with microinverters

Question: I have a small installation with just a few solar panels and microinverters. Is there some easy way to monitor this installation without the need to use some external monitoring system (like SEDAS or other)?

Answer: There

11.Oct 2015
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The pain of the cloud...

The pain of the cloud solutions. Saying NO to the clouds!

Customer A: I have used the Ubiquiti mFi solution in the past. But the mFi cloud has crashed and has been down for many months now, without any support from UBNT. Can you support me as a supplier of the hardware?

Customer B: I have used the Involar S

10.Oct 2015
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GridFree - solution - free...

GridFree - solution - free energy to power your consumption

In last 2 years we have distributed more than 4000 pieces of solar microinverters to help people to generate their own Grid-Free energy to power the consumption without payment to the energy monopoly.

Get your GridFree solution t

05.Oct 2015
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Testing the new 500W...

Testing the new 500W microinverters

We are testing a new dual microinverter with 2x 250Wp (500Wp) rating. This micro-inverter supports operation from the DC battery power source. The nominal rating is 500W, the inverter can run slightly above this value at max powe

04.Oct 2015
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Do not burn the solar...

Do not burn the solar connectors!

Remember that the typical rating of solar connectors is 10 Amp. They can sustain max 15 Amp without overheating.

However the solar connectors are not designed to be used to disconnect the high voltage DC circuits under load. If the DC current is disc

28.Sep 2015
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MicroInverter - the...

MicroInverter - the revolutionary solution for solar installations

  • Complete power station in the smallest size. An easy installation with no maintenance. A fully modular system.
  • Effective and easy solution for an independent energy production using the existing connection to standard 230V AC grid.
12.Sep 2015
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Microinverter plug

Can I plug the Microinverter directly into the socket or will I need special connector for that?


The plug to your domestic grid must becorresponding with standarts of your Country. You can buy these connectors in commonelectrical supplie

19.Jun 2015
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