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The SAND TUB — Get ready for the fire!

In the concept of Greek philosophers, the Fire is one of the basic elements of the Universe. In reality the fire is a result of an accident, or misuse of a product, or a hazardous situation.

In GWL we did not have many accidents resulting in fire. One reason is, that GWL keeps working with the safe

03.Jan 2022
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Follow the GWL Team Projects

GWL Team is publishing the examples of the design drawings and installations for our customer projects. Check thefor the drawings and designs.

21.Dec 2021
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Electric waste by GWL – too little to handle

GWL is also an electric waste collection center. This means any customer (and also the general public) may bring.

During 2021 GWL has collectedabout 700 kg of electric waste. ???? These are mainly batteries that

17.Dec 2021
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What is GWL doing to reduce the Scope 1+2+3=4 Emissions?

First check what the Scope 1+2+3=4 Emissions are at the web here

GWL creates, promotes and delivers DC power and energy products that directly reduce the S-3 Emissions.GWL is an energy positive company. At GWL we are doing more than only reducing the emissions — we are creating the anti-emission solu

29.Oct 2021
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Electric busses powered by GWL – 2 000 000 passengers on...

Since 2010, GWL has supplied the LiFePO4 packs to morethan 100 electric busses manufactured by SOR Libchavy. These 100% electric buses are operated in several countries of Europe.

One of the most prominent and successful application ofthe clean energy, 100% electric power transportation is i

20.Sep 2021
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GWL for Sustainable Green Waste Water Cleaning (3)

Water cleaning powered by the sun. GWL Team has updated the installation of theWaste Water Cleaning station (COV)in the natural park in Sumava Mountains.

The installation had been enlarged by solar panels and grid-tried inverters that supply the power to the station when running, help to char

16.Sep 2021
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ELERIX anywhere - even on the payment card

A idea for the payment card design with the ELERIX brand.????

Check the ELERIX products.

16.Sep 2021
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GWL TSWB CORSET - Design Files

The CORSET solution by GWL for large industrial cells ofthe TSWB Brand.

Check the design files at the GWL Github -

The PDF files with the designs of the universal battery holder - called “CORSET”. The designs are created to be used with large c

15.Sep 2021
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What is the “CORSET”?

The corsetis originally a support garment commonly worn to hold the torso (the main body) into a desired shape. For women, it makes the body looking better and more appealing. -

The CORSET by GWL is a metal holderfor lithium cells to keep them tight together in a d

15.Sep 2021
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Where is my shipment? Somewhere!

The outbreak of the Covid-19 has caused massivechanges to the world-wide business. The Chinese government took a risky strategy –save one butterfly and cut down 10000 trees– by closing the whole sea ports because of one or few cases of the C-19 detected among the personal

15.Sep 2021
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