Using the proper terminals to connect the cells

When charged and discharged, expanding and stretching a little. The cells also change their shape due to the temperature expansion of the materials and the changes of the atmospheric pressure.

All of these factors cause that the cells are more or less b

16.Nov 2020
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Integration of Battery Storage into Hybrid Microgrids

(Whitepaper written by ComAp a.s. in cooperation with GWL a.s.)

ComAp a.s.designs and manufactures control products for power generation and engine control, along with associated

11.Nov 2020
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The copper terminal oxidated – Why?

Some users and customers ask, why - when receiving the new cells – do the copper terminals have signs of severe oxidation.

Copper as a metal is prone to oxidation and reaction with other materials.The oxidation of the terminal is a matter of days. Also the black rubber cover on the top of the

11.Nov 2020
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The cell terminals must be perfectly clean!

Check the highlight from the


Use only the original copper terminals #1). There are many reasons why you should not use any other accessories #2) to connect the cells. Check our knowledge-base for details #3), if you are interested in.It is very important to clean all connectors and terminals perfectly with sandpaper just before assembly. #4). Even small resistance between the cells would dis-balance the battery.


#1 –

11.Nov 2020
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BMS123 or GWL CPM? - Deeply discharged cells

As our customers are well aware, some type of protection module is necessary to use with every lithium battery for prevention of a deep discharge or overcharge.

I will use the example of our customer from Holland to describe how a significantly cheaper GWL CPM protection can often be the better choice th

06.Nov 2020
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The energy generation by Stirling Motor

The GWL/Power team is also experimenting withthe energy generation from heat by a Stirling motor. The Stirling motor is installed on top of the OKOFEN Power-generating pellet boiler.

The demonstration shows the real power from the1000W Stirling Motor generation. The output power rated at the AC part of the

03.Nov 2020
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Simple testing is the best testing

Making a simple testing of the new BMS for a customer application. As we say, we sometimes need to test whether the wheel is really round. Or what you test is what you do not need to believe.

02.Nov 2020
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GWL/Power to introduce the ELERIX products

GWL/Team is working to promote a new line of the DC related products in the theELERIX brand.

The main slogan for ELERIX brand is“You Power The Life”. This slogan gives the idea that it is every individual person that makes the decision for his life and they way he or she wil

02.Nov 2020
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The relay with a flash back diode. Observe the polarity!

Some time ago, GWL/Team has explainedto be connected in parallel to the relay coils when switching relays by transistors.

Recently there were few cases when customers installed a professionally made relay that alrea

30.Oct 2020
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High Current DC contactors

As a reference, GWL links information to theSCHALTBAU products. These products include high power rated DC contactors for industrial DC applications.


27.Oct 2020
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