GWL Team Testing and Testing

Any question solved by GWL Team in advance, means that there will be no need for hundreds of customers to ask the same question again and again. ????

During past weeks GWL Team has been testingthe integrated storage ELERIX EX-S5to work seamless with the Victron products.

More details to

29.Sep 2021
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ELERIX anywhere - even on the payment card

A idea for the payment card design with the ELERIX brand.????

Check the ELERIX products.

16.Sep 2021
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The 3D files for ELERIX products

GWL is compilingthe 3D drawingsofthe ELERIX productsin various pack configurations. The goal is to make it easy for customersto see the 3D model of the cellsand be able to design their own packs and solutions for the integration of the cells.

More to come soon! Stay

15.Sep 2021
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What is the “CORSET”?

The corsetis originally a support garment commonly worn to hold the torso (the main body) into a desired shape. For women, it makes the body looking better and more appealing. -

The CORSET by GWL is a metal holderfor lithium cells to keep them tight together in a d

15.Sep 2021
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What is GWL team doing? Working and designing!

The GWL Team is able to make a solution for any type of energy storage. The copy of the drawing shows details of a project processed by GWL. Large energy storage cabinets with up to130 kWh battery packs and 50 kW – 400V 3 Phase input/output.

The DC/AC part is based on theVictron

15.Sep 2021
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The Yellow Colors of ELERIX

come with the technical specifications clearly defined on the product labels.

The projected life-span of ELERIX cells is up to 30 years. So if your grand-children will once find the cells after many years, they will be able to recognize the product and read the specificat

15.Sep 2021
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The Core of the House and The Ready House!

This is one of the photos from the construction of theCzech Sustainable Houses (CSoD) project.

The top photo was takenin first part of 2020, when the core of the house was completed and before.

In early part of 2021, the house has been completed. Now there is a lot of final work needed

30.Aug 2021
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Please help me – Overstock of Unused Old-like-new...

From email:Our company has some overstock of cells and batteries we purchased in the past. They are like new - they were in the warehouse for last 8 years - completely unused. We have about 3000 pieces. Can you come to our warehouse to check these? We will talk and make the best price for

20.Jul 2021
| Blog

The Basic Protection of the Battery Cells

1) Battery monitoring

The CPM1 serves as the battery monitoring device.

2) Flexible connection to each cell in the battery

The cells can be disconnected completely and easily. In this example the disconnection is done by means of the Battery link cable

07.Jul 2021
| Blog

ELERIX EX-L135D - The Queen is coming

Let us call herThe ELERIX QUEEN. The LiFePO4 135AH high density cell in VDA 148 format for energy storage solutions.

Get ready to welcome the queen! Download the.

07.Jul 2021
| Blog
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