They are on the way!

The initial production of the new ELERIX brand cells. It is wonderful to see a completely new factory producing new innovative models of the high energy density LFP cells.

As if you move to a new apartment and you can still feel the smell of the novelty, this is how it feels when such new produ

22.Mar 2021
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More energy – more batteries – more factories

The mission of GWL is to help everybody to gain the energy and to store it. The solar panels are the means of yielding the electric energy from the sun directly. The high quality LFP batteries are the means of storing the energy.

More energy storage means more batteries. More batteries mean more fact

22.Mar 2021
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They are coming! They are coming! Coming to GWL, coming to you.

Just keep waiting for several more weeks.

Elerix - You Power The Life!

16.Mar 2021
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Another project by the GWL/Team - the innovate installation for the solar components using the GWL/Modular components and the ELERIX brand products.

This installation isof the PV Power Rack for.

16.Mar 2021
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GWL/Modular Flexi Pack

How to assemble the single cells into a robust long time lasting solution? Thewill help you. It providesa quality chassis for the mounting of the cells, and it allows for the installation of the active components on the top.

The second part of the GWL/Modular

15.Mar 2021
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GWL/Modular variations

The photos show the variations of thesetup.

The Flexi pack serves as the protective case for the LFP cells. It holds the cells together in the proper tight way.

The top of the Flexi pack, serves as a holder forthe installation of the BMS (here CPM1) and the protective circuits. This way the complete pack is created with all harness and wiress i

16.Feb 2021
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How to operate a LFP battery in 7 steps?

At GWL, we have prepared a clever guide on how to choose a battery for your operation, cars, production lines, boats, buses, caravans, forklifts, etc. that will last ten times more than the obsolete lead-acid ones (which you probably still use).

It explains in detail how you can (with the help of just a

15.Feb 2021
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DC Wire Color Coding Standards

The table shows the color coding for AC wires in the installations.

DC Plus Pole (+) – Red DC Minus Pole (-) non-grounded – Blue (#1) DC Minus Pole (-) grounded – Black (#2) Protective Earth (PE) or Ground (GND) – Yellow/Green


#1 For majority DC systems the battery poles and all DC wires must be

08.Feb 2021
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AC Wire Color Coding Standards

The table shows thecolor coding for AC wiresin the installations - IEC 60446.

AC 3-phase Live (L1) – Brown AC 3-phase Live (L2) – Black AC 3-phase Live (L3) – Gray Neutral (N) – Blue Protective Earth (PE) or Ground (GND) – Yellow/Green AC Single Phase Live &ndash

08.Feb 2021
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GWL/Team Making Safety Tests

In April 2019, GWL Team has made extensive tests of various lithium cells to demonstrate the results of abuse and damage for these cells.

One part of the test was adirect short circuit dischargeof a fully charged TSWB Winston 40AH cell.

The photos show the preparation of the test.

01.Feb 2021
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