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New Year Eve 2021 in the Winston Factory

This is a photo of the Thunder Sky Winston Battery factory around the New Year Eve 2021.

The most successful product ofThunder Sky Winston Battery (TSWB)is the monolithic1000AHC cell. TSWB is the only producer in the world that canin huge industrial

20.Jan 2021
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GWL/Modular Flexi Pack - User Manual

Check and download. At this moment there are:

More GWL/Modular accessories to come soon!

14.Jan 2021
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The 12V sets with Winston cells and BMS123 + XLS Calculator

To start with your own battery pack, the easiest way is to use. Optionally you can buy the additional cells to extend the pack to 24V (total 8 cells) or 48V (total 16 cells).

Additionally, you can use the. It will h

14.Jan 2021
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The Safety of Your Solution is the Primary Concern

What happens if a LFP cells is severely mechanically damaged? Will it burn? Will it overheat? In case a LFP cells is crushed or pierced, what chemical reals will happen. When the cell is smoking, because of a damage, what are the gasses? Are they critically dangerous? Or just ordinary toxic

14.Jan 2021
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Energy Storage - This is the way!

An example of a customer reference for a large containerized energy storage solution. Each container holds16 pcs of Winston 700AH cells– 35,8 kWh of energy. The front side of the container allows for the installation ofthe DC/AC invertors with chargers. This way, each con

04.Jan 2021
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New modification of the LFP300AH cells

The drawing showsthat will be available in the future during 2021.

After this modification is introduced to 300AH cells, it may be also slowly introduced to other models as well.

14.Dec 2020
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The 140AH cells real or not?

A customer sent an inquiry about a 140 AH cell from Thundersky Winston. The investigation showed that “somebody” created a fake PDF withchanged to 140AH.

The answer is:There is no 140AH cell from TSWB, the information about 140AH on internet does n

10.Dec 2020
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FAQ: Winston LFP cells in a 3C-rate application

1) What is the voltage of the Winston LFP cells under the load?

The voltage of the LFP cells under load istypically above 3V.If the voltage gets under 3V the cell is nearly discharged and the remaining capacity is limited.

See additional details here:

25.Nov 2020
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The energy storage solution with the LFP400AH cells

GWL has supplied the battery cells for an energy storage project withlarge LFP cells. The 200 kWh storage is based on a battery pack of 168 pcs of 400AH cells. The installation is a rack mount system with customized BMS and complete management.

Be sure to

23.Nov 2020
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The copper terminals for 400AH, 700AH, 1000AHC cells

Check the photos and see the difference.

400AH - 5 layers with M14 screws

700AH - 7 layers with M14 screws

1000AHC - 5 layers with M12 screws

Want to buy? Here at.

18.Nov 2020
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