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A complete solution from the GWL/Team

A complete solution from the GWL/Team

24.Sep 2020
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This is the work of the GWL/Team. As a part of the paid technical support, the GWL/Team members create a customized solution to help the customer according to his needs.

In this design schematics, a customer is looking for a solution of an off-grid cottage.

Components used:  4x PV solar panels 165Wp, MPPT Victron 150/45, battery pack 12V/400Ah (4.8kWh), BMS123 for battery pack monitoring. BMS SmartRelay for safety disconnection, Victron 12V/800W DC/AC inverter.

With GWL, you can build such a complete solution at any part of the world. GWL/Team will be happy to provide a customized solution for your project as well.

GWL/Team is here for you.

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