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FAQ: Testing the capacity of the cell or battery

FAQ: Testing the capacity of the cell or battery

31.Oct 2022
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Q: I wish to check the capacity of the cell in my battery pack.  How to do that? 

Answer: Originally there were not any suitable products in the market that would allow the quick and easy testing of individual cells or the packs in a battery. There were only some costly and professional battery testers.

However recently due to a growing share of the DIY (Do-it-Yourself) market, there are more and more ready to go products.  These products are called:

Digital Battery Capacity Tester Electronic Load Intelligent Adjustable Constant Current Discharge Resistance Power Tester or Adjustable Constant Current Electronic Load Battery USB Tester DC 12V 24V Lead-acid lithium Discharge Capacity Meter

GWL does not resell or promote these products. Customers can review the specifications by themselves and make an order for these cell/battery testers directly at the traders who sell them.

For additional testing products, please check the information at GWL/Web.




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