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What is GWL doing to reduce the Scope 1+2+3=4 Emissions?

What is GWL doing to reduce the Scope 1+2+3=4 Emissions?

29.Oct 2021
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First check what the Scope 1+2+3=4 Emissions are at the web here

GWL creates, promotes and delivers DC power and energy products that directly reduce the S-3 Emissions.  GWL is an energy positive company. At GWL we are doing more than only reducing the emissions — we are creating the anti-emission solutions.

A solar panel with 300Wp power will generate 300 kWh of free energy from the sun without any direct emissions. With the life span of 30 years, one panel will produce 9 MWh of energy with no pollution for the earth’s environment. Additionally, every solar panel is absorbing the solar energy that would otherwise turn into the heat on the earth’s surface. This way solar panels are reducing the global warming directly.

A long-lasting lithium iron battery (LiFeO4) with 1 kWh capacity will provide the energy storage for 30 years, with a cycle in a day, the battery will be able to store 10.9MWh of energy during its life-span. There is no other way to store the energy with such an efficiency and reliability. Additionally, the LiFeO4 are fully biologically degradable with no toxic materials that could lead to a poison of the environment.

The solar panels and lithium batteries supplied by GWL, provide a unique solution to the reduction of the Scope 3 Emissions. With innovative products from GWL, any person on the earth can become the most active player in reducing the Scope 3 emissions.

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