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Overview of the Complete Guides from GWL

In 2020-2021 GWL has published several technical guides to assist our customers. Check these Complete Guides and get the knowledge and know-how to improve your DC-AC solutions.

Use of LiFePO4 Batteries in Ships

LFP and LTO Battery Guide

Battery for Caravans and RV - Guide

21.Mar 2022
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GWL/Modular - Energy storage for REAL projects – not just...

In 2021 GWL has been supporting local partners in deliveringseveral REAL energy storage projects.

Simply said, the energy storage solutions promoted by some countries and local governments for household applications, with 5 kWh to 15 kWh, are just expensive toys. People will spend a lot of

03.Jan 2022
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Follow the GWL Team Projects

GWL Team is publishing the examples of the design drawings and installations for our customer projects. Check thefor the drawings and designs.

21.Dec 2021
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AMETEK - high current DC latching contactors

GWL has introduced thehigh current rated DC latching contactors for 400A, 600A and 1200A rating.

Check more details here -

See the installation diagrams for the application withand.

22.Nov 2021
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RV ELECTRICAL SYSTEM - 7 Questions and answers


  • Are you replacing the on-board battery in your RV?
  • Are you modifying the electrical wiring in your RV?
  • Have you started with a more complex renovation?
  • Are you getting an RV and you’re not sure which electrical system to go with?

7 Questions and answers

  • What type of
15.Nov 2021
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GWL Team Design of the EX-Switch

GWL/Modular EX-Switch

The missing element for switching between the DC and AC world. Simply use the GWL/Modular EX Switch. The EX-Switch is a complete switching board solution to be certified according to the EU norms. Useful for any system in Europe.

As usual, the GWL Team will be releasing

09.Nov 2021
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The GWL/Modular Solution - Wiring Diagram

This is the installation diagram or schematics forGWL/Modular complete solution of the “The Bestie” or the “Beast”- the complete energy center forthe.

The documentation is available as a part of the project for any customers and partners who

30.Aug 2021
| Blog - Installation diagrams

The Basic Protection of the Battery Cells

1) Battery monitoring

The CPM1 serves as the battery monitoring device.

2) Flexible connection to each cell in the battery

The cells can be disconnected completely and easily. In this example the disconnection is done by means of the Battery link cable

07.Jul 2021
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The CSOD Project - design and ideas

The GWL/Team has spent countless hours on the discussions, projections and modifications of the initial design of theCzech Sustainable House (CSOD)project.

As promised, we will be releasing majority of the CSOD documentation so that all customers and supporters can see what the GWL/Team ha

15.Mar 2021
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DC Wire Color Coding Standards

The table shows the color coding for AC wires in the installations.

DC Plus Pole (+) – Red DC Minus Pole (-) non-grounded – Blue (#1) DC Minus Pole (-) grounded – Black (#2) Protective Earth (PE) or Ground (GND) – Yellow/Green


#1 For majority DC systems the battery poles and all DC wires must be

08.Feb 2021
| Blog - Installation diagrams
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