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GWL supplies a variety of DC cables and wires for the DC Power solutions.

  • High voltage DC cablesprimarily designed for DC solar installations. With cross sections in sizes of4mm2 (25A), 6mm2 (32A), 10mm2 (50A)
  • Stranded and solid cables for DC installations0.75mm2for signal wiring,35mm2 and 50mm2pro traction applications
    03.Jan 2022
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A big change for the solar panels in 2021

The year 2021 wasthe year of a big change for the solar panels. First of all, due to the so-called pandemic crises, the costs of the solar panels grew significantly. Also counting withthe sharp increase of the cost of the transportation, the selling prices the solar panels in Europe kept incr

03.Jan 2022
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Flexible Solar Panels for Metal Roofs – East-West...

This installation has the total of522kWp of flexible solar panels. This means there are 1680 pieces of the.

Solar panels are mounted on a light weight construction withA-shape-frames in the direction east-west. This way the total yield is increased by allowing

22.Nov 2021
| Blog

What is GWL doing to reduce the Scope 1+2+3=4 Emissions?

First check what the Scope 1+2+3=4 Emissions are at the web here

GWL creates, promotes and delivers DC power and energy products that directly reduce the S-3 Emissions.GWL is an energy positive company. At GWL we are doing more than only reducing the emissions — we are creating the anti-emission solu

29.Oct 2021
| Blog

Useful information about ETFE technology for 310Wp and 100Wp...

The surface is ETFE, what is used in the construction industry everywhere, where no cleaning should be necessary. Sample Allianz Arena Munich. Only the rain is washing the surface and it will be clean.

Characteristics of that material can be found under:

13.Oct 2021
| Blog

What is the cost of the energy with storage? Germany:...

In Germany, there was an auction of the energy storage projects. The German regulator body,. Sorry to say the auction was not successful, because only 155 MW was assigned after all.

The technical requirement is that in addition to the direct production from the ren

20.Sep 2021
| Blog

GWL for Sustainable Green Waste Water Cleaning (3)

Water cleaning powered by the sun. GWL Team has updated the installation of theWaste Water Cleaning station (COV)in the natural park in Sumava Mountains.

The installation had been enlarged by solar panels and grid-tried inverters that supply the power to the station when running, help to char

16.Sep 2021
| Blog

Flexible panels on the roof - Byron Bay Solar Train

- A world’s unique installation of solar panels to power a solar hybrid train that is able to operate from both from the grid and also form the solar power yielded from the solar panels.

has a solar installation of 6.4 kWh. In this case,

15.Sep 2021
| Blog

Flexible solar panels for boats and yachts

Example reference of the installation ofon the roof of a luxury yacht.

In this installation there are18 pcs of. The total solar power is5.6 kWp.

The installation powers a48V DC installationwith lithium battery and.

With 6 hours of direct sunlight from 9 am to

15.Sep 2021
| Blog

GWL/Modular FV Elerix - From the Roof to the Energy Storage

A complete solution using. From the roof equipped with the, to the SOLAR ENERGY HUB that contains theand the Energy storage Cabinet with thebattery pack.

A complete, robust, scalable and reliable solution that can be installed by any ski

21.Jun 2021
| Blog
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